It's all about us

And if you are here, then chances are you don't know us in real life or you are really curious to hear what I think about us.

I'm Sarah and I am twenty-five(!!!)
I have a husband named Rob
We have a smarty-pants 4 year old daughter named Sophia
We also have a funny-pants 2 year old daughter named Emery
We have one stinky-pants dog named Ellie
A few fish and a couple little frogs
And a lot of dust bunnies

We all live together in a squishy townhouse in Coquitlam, BC
To me this is not our home, but where we live, for now.
Someday soon we will move to a quieter town, to a house with a yard bigger than a postage stamp. Where the kids and the dog can run free and make noise. Where we can have wienie roasts in our jammies. Where we don't have to get in the car to play in nature.
It all seems like a lot of dreaming, but we will get there! One way or another.

This is our blog,