Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Remember when I won tickets to Shrek: The Musical? It was the girls first play/musical and they had a blast! The music was fun and the characters were great! I especially liked Lord Farquaad and Pinocchio. I haven't been to a play since we lived in Prince George before having kids, we saw Beauty and The Beast and that was the first play Rob had ever been too! I sure miss all the fun productions I got to see and be in growing up!

I cleaned out the fridge the other day!
yes. i. did.
 I even took before and after pictures!
Before: no milk, eggs, cheese, veggies!
After: Shopping done, fridge washed and loaded!

You know I like leggings right? 

Got these bad boys in the mail today!
And then we went to the park for some soccer in our new leggings!
Loving this shot I got. Ready to kick the ball!

Sophie spent most of our time out today chatting up everyone who walked by and petting every dog and cat(!) out for a walk. She just loves people and socializing. She tells everyone who looks at her her name and age and starts up conversations with anyone who will listen. It is amazing to see this happening since I am quite shy and quiet around people I don't know.She definitely doesn't get it from me. It frankly scares me a bit, because it forces me out of my own comfort zone. Emery is pretty much following in her footsteps as well, she repeats everything Sophie says to people, "I Emmy-y, I twooo!". I'm so proud of my girls!

Have I told you I like leggings?

Sophie's swimming lessons end on Thursday. She is going to try out skating, more swimming and either a Creative Dance or Preschool Stage Theatre Class. There are so many programs, it is hard to choose just a few. Emery will also do a swimming and a skating class. I hope my girls find some things early on that they are passionate about and always have something they love to do.


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